Healthcare business needs to focus on improving employee experiences through an ITSM platform.

Healthcare employees need better digital platforms

Cloud-based ITSM tools consumerize employee experiences and reduce manual, repetitive work
Developing better digital government services should be a top priority in the public sector.


Making digital government services a priority

Public agencies should focus on consistently delivering people-centered services on demand
Applying the principles of consumer app design to enterprise software creates modern experiences.


Employees need race cars, not stagecoaches

If we want modern app experiences at work, we need a fresh approach to building them


Transforming the auto industry with Henrik Fisker

ESG initiatives are now a business imperative to help drive corporate sustainability.


ESG is now a business imperative

Increasingly, companies can’t do well unless they do measurable good

Workflow Quarterly

The Agility Issue

How businesses adapt, change, and pivot
Learn how NHS Scotland is using digital technology to vaccinate 5.5M residents in record time.


The race to vaccinate a nation with Deryck Mitchelson

Learn how NHS National Services Scotland is using digital workflows to vaccinate 5.5 million residents in record time
A hybrid project management process empowers companies to manage work to meet business goals.


A hybrid approach to business agility

The agile movement that began with software firms has become a pan-industry standard


Introducing Let’s Workflow It

A new podcast about making the world of work, work better for people
Manufacturers need to grow new skills and talent to advance Industry 4.0 manufacturing.


Industry 4.0 relies on human talent

Digital platforms and intelligent machines are necessary but not sufficient to create competitive factories of the future
Lean manufacturing and digital technology could create new growth opportunities for U.S. companies.


The promise of a ‘digital lean’ manufacturing strategy

Combining proven lean principles and digital tech could usher a new growth era for U.S. companies
Telecom companies continue to lead in business agility over several sectors through new advances.


Telecom companies become even more agile

Agile leaders before the pandemic, telecoms made new advances
Manufacturing companies improved business agility during COVID, but there is more work to be done.


Manufacturing companies make major gains in agility

The pandemic jump-started critically needed investments
Learn what key steps government agencies made to improve business agility during the pandemic.


Government agencies pass the pandemic agility test

Despite obstacles, the public sector made important progress during the pandemic
Selling digital transformation to your general counsel


I’m a general counsel. Here’s how to sell me on digital transformation.

Digital workflows can empower legal teams to move with the speed of the business
business resilience


The return on business resilience

COVID showed the best-laid corporate contingency plans aren’t good enough
Vince Vickers discusses how the pandemic sparked digital innovation in the healthcare industry.


How COVID spurred healthcare industry transformation

A conversation with KPMG partner and industry veteran Vince Vickers
Key investments during the pandemic drove financial services companies to rank 2nd in agility.


Financial services companies have become leaders in agility

The sector should see major payoffs from investments since the pandemic