Integrate a digital platform that creates a unified data model in order to tame multi-cloud chaos.

Taming multicloud chaos

No matter which cloud vendors they use, businesses need a digital platform that creates a unified data model
Learn how to manage the needs of the future of work, a hybrid work model of remote and in-office.


Managing the thornier future-of-work issues

A conversation with Erik Brynjolfsson and Nicholas Bloom
Industry 4.0 must focus on ecosystems and partnerships to extend greater prosperity to everyone.


Industry 4.0 embraces ‘profits with purpose’

ESI ThoughtLab CEO Lou Celi on the potential—and risks—of digital transformation


Transforming the auto industry with Henrik Fisker

Leaders must encourage employees to identify problems and threats to build business resilience.


Building a digitally unbreakable organization

Executives should encourage employees to identify problems and threats, says author Adam Grant

Workflow Quarterly

The Agility Issue

How businesses adapt, change, and pivot
JP Julien McKinsey racial equity


How to narrow the racial equity gap

A conversation with JP Julien of McKinsey's new Institute for Black Economic Mobility
GPT-3, the powerful new NLP model, shows promise to enhance language automation for enterprises.


Can new machine learning model GPT-3 change AI for business?

A powerful new NLP tool is opening up language-based AI applications for the enterprise
5g benefits


How telecoms can reap 5G benefits

A conversation with Accenture innovation expert T.J. Schneider
Low-code tools allow companies to empower current employees to become citizen developers.


Need citizen developers? Look inside your organization.

You’ll likely find them outside your IT department, ServiceNow’s Gregg Aldana says
The pandemic proved to many organizations how digital innovation can build business resilience.


Become resilient through digital innovation

Making your organization less breakable starts with asking what is most likely to break
Citizen developers can help drive innovation and productivity by creating low-code platforms.


Democratizing code

Low-code tools empower citizen developers and enable innovation at scale
Experts view DEI training as only the first step to creating workplace diversity & anti-racism at work.


Addressing workplace diversity and racism

Speakers at Knowledge 2021 explain how organizations can take important first steps


Software is the business

Applying a software-factory approach will help your company innovate faster and with confidence
Healthcare business needs to focus on improving employee experiences through an ITSM platform.


Healthcare employees need better digital platforms

Cloud-based ITSM tools consumerize employee experiences and reduce manual, repetitive work
Developing better digital government services should be a top priority in the public sector.


Making digital government services a priority

Public agencies should focus on consistently delivering people-centered services on demand
Applying the principles of consumer app design to enterprise software creates modern experiences.


Employees need race cars, not stagecoaches

If we want modern app experiences at work, we need a fresh approach to building them
Learn how NHS Scotland is using digital technology to vaccinate 5.5M residents in record time.


The race to vaccinate a nation with Deryck Mitchelson

Learn how NHS National Services Scotland is using digital workflows to vaccinate 5.5 million residents in record time