multi instance performance

Why public CIOs should embrace multi-instance performance

Shifting from multi-tenant to multi-instance architecture can lower risks and give agencies more control over their data


CIOs and the post-pandemic employee experience

Digitizing employee experiences is key, but so is earning executive-peer buy in, a new survey shows


How CIOs are targeting tech investments

Leaders bet on digitizing critical workflows, a survey shows


Data science and machine learning: What’s the difference?

Data science is the business application of machine learning, AI, and other quantitative fields like statistics, visualization, and mathematics

privacy by design


The rising threat of privacy debt

New privacy regulations and growing security risks are forcing companies to rethink how they manage customer data

Workflow Quarterly

The Experience Issue

Driving productivity and growth through better business processes for employees and customers


Transforming telecoms: Simpler systems, smarter workflows

The pandemic has upped the ante for great CX


Three things telecoms need to do to thrive in the next five years

The need for great CX is more important than ever


How CX will change how telecoms do business

Putting the focus on customer satisfaction — not just faster network services
future of work


How to make WFH work for everyone

A conversation on the future of work with Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom


Taking the leap: How COVID-19 made telecom firms think differently

How telecoms are transforming to meet pandemic challenges
hybrid workplace


The future of work is hybrid

I used to think in-person collaboration drove productivity. The pandemic changed my mind.
empathy in business


How to build empathy in business

Empathy shouldn’t be a situational response that companies trot out during crises
post covid office design


Is your office due for a post-COVID makeover?

Office spaces may soon look and feel much different
cloud concentration risk


The growing threat of cloud concentration risk in financial services

Cloud service providers offer significant benefits, but financial services companies must avoid outsourcing regulatory duties


Converting vaccines into vaccinations

Solving the ‘last mile’ of vaccine delivery is the biggest workflow challenge ever


There’s a better, faster way to distribute vaccines

Digital workflows can help solve one of the biggest logistical challenges ever
employee experience design


Mastering the art of employee experience design

As companies rely more on dispersed teams, they need to design ever-better digital employee experiences