Healthcare employees need better digital platforms

Cloud-based ITSM tools consumerize employee experiences and reduce manual, repetitive work
Healthcare business needs to focus on improving employee experiences through an ITSM platform.
CIO’s believe their digital innovation initiatives boosted business agility, but peers do not agree.


Did CIOs’ digital innovations boost business agility?

CIOs plan to increase investment in digital platforms, integration, risk management
CIOs need to drive digitalization to put agility at the center of their business.


Digitalization is the key to enterprise agility

CIOs have a golden opportunity. Will they take it?
Businesses investing heavily in AI and automation show positive results in job and sales growth.


Return on AI

Companies that invest heavily in AI and automation are seeding job and market growth


Does your employee experience support revenue goals?

Every organization has an experience—but few are optimized to deliver real business results. Take this self-assessment to learn how you rank against peers.


Digital leaders outperform in the COVID-19 era

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