Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss

digital tools in government

Crash Course

Digital tools are reinventing government services

Public sector CIOs are using them to shred bureaucratic red tape and streamline the citizen experience

Crash Course

How to maximize the impact of data analytics

Advanced data tools and platforms can turn insights into action

Crash Course

How to upgrade digital skills across the enterprise

Strategies that prepare workers from different disciplines for the digital age

Crash Course

How to build long-term IT resilience

Key strategies for helping CIOs succeed in the work-from-anywhere era

Crash Course

Digital transformation across industries

Evidence from four major industries shows that the formula for success varies by sector
HR teams

Crash Course

A new model for HR

Strategies for turning human resources teams into a strategic force
Ai use cases

Crash Course

Putting AI to work in the enterprise

Strategies for achieving business results with machine intelligence
how to close critical skills gaps

Crash Course

How to close critical skills gaps

Creative strategies are helping companies find talent
Mobile enterprise Workflow guide

Crash Course

How to build a mobile-first enterprise

Mobile technologies and digital workflows let people work the way they want