Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss

CEOs invested in workflow automation to boost agility. Do they have the people to support it?


CEOs ramped up tech investments to boost agility

But leaders worry if they have the vision, leadership, and talent to build agile organizations
Manufacturers need to grow new skills and talent to advance Industry 4.0 manufacturing.


Industry 4.0 relies on human talent

Digital platforms and intelligent machines are necessary but not sufficient to create competitive factories of the future
Lean manufacturing and digital technology could create new growth opportunities for U.S. companies.


The promise of a ‘digital lean’ manufacturing strategy

Combining proven lean principles and digital tech could usher a new growth era for U.S. companies
Businesses investing heavily in AI and automation show positive results in job and sales growth.


Return on AI

Companies that invest heavily in AI and automation are seeding job and market growth


A new era for software asset management

Strategic SAM is becoming critical for business intelligence


The journey to effortless customer care

Companies need digital workflow solutions that are simple, fast, and affordable


The people factor

Putting customers at the heart of business


Welcome to the new world of work

Remote work isn’t a fleeting experiment, but rather a lasting byproduct of the pandemic
skills for the future of automation


Hiring in a world of intelligent machines

Now more than ever, managers should hire for curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning

Case Study

Inside Scotland’s fight against COVID-19

How a contact tracing app helped the country re-open while keeping its people safe


Operational excellence in financial services

How digital workflows help boost productivity, reduce costs, and build customer loyalty
transforming customer experience


How to serve millions of customers, seamlessly

Autodesk CIO Prakash Kota on transforming a software giant