Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss

CIOs believe workflow automation technology rallied shares and business growth during the pandemic.


CIOs bullish on agile enterprise platforms

Business leaders expect workflow automation technology to rally shares and growth in spite of pandemic
Businesses that invested in digital platforms are reporting higher customer satisfaction & profits.


Agile digital platforms will boost revenues, say CxOs

200 global business leaders surveyed expect technology that integrates workflows and people to rally shares and growth in spite of pandemic
A hybrid project management process empowers companies to manage work to meet business goals.


A hybrid approach to business agility

The agile movement that began with software firms has become a pan-industry standard


Introducing Let’s Workflow It

A new podcast about making the world of work, work better for people
CHRO's investing in digital platforms see a boost in satisfaction, communication, and business growth.


Agile digital platforms boost employee engagement, CHROs say

Technology that integrates workflows and people will boost growth, talent execs believe
Healthcare leaders implemented critical agile principles to improve agility during COVID.


Healthcare leaders take steps toward business agility

Critical investments are paying off, but the sector has a long way to go
This 3-step primer can help COOs improve their agile frameworks and business agility.


Agile frameworks can help COOs weather the pandemic’s next stage

A three-step primer for pulling off a digital transformation


COVID-19 won’t be our last crisis

How IT leaders can prepare for the next big one


Pharma’s digital future

Digital service delivery helps a global pharma company meet the changing needs of customers and stakeholders


The CIO’s visual guide for advancing and tracking digitization

ServiceNow’s approach to implementing workflow digitization across functions


Government CIOs should be brokers, not stewards

Public sector IT leaders can drive more strategic value by brokering outside services, not just maintaining internal ones

Workflow Quarterly

The Platform Issue

Building connection, revenue, and resilience through digitized workflows