Making digital government services a priority

Public agencies should focus on consistently delivering people-centered services on demand
Developing better digital government services should be a top priority in the public sector.
CIO’s believe their digital innovation initiatives boosted business agility, but peers do not agree.


Did CIOs’ digital innovations boost business agility?

CIOs plan to increase investment in digital platforms, integration, risk management
To avoid stagnant business performance, COO responsibilities must continue to drive business agility


COOs are emerging leaders in advancing business agility

Responsibilities are growing as pandemic continues and COOs see business performance stagnate
Over the next few years, CCOs must branch out beyond customer care to drive business agility.


CCOs’ focus on customer care improved agility

Going forward they plan to apply customer insights across the enterprise

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The Agility Issue

How businesses adapt, change, and pivot
Large organizations were able to improve business agility to successfully pivot during COVID.


Large organizations are more agile than you think

Breaking dogma, $5B+ companies proved more adept at pivoting businesses
Rank your business agility against 200 other C-suite executives with this self-assessment.


Business agility: Is your organization poised to pivot?

Rank your plans and progress against 200 other C-suite executives
CIOs need to drive digitalization to put agility at the center of their business.


Digitalization is the key to enterprise agility

CIOs have a golden opportunity. Will they take it?

Editor's Letter

Welcome to the Agility Issue


How ServiceNow is prepared for Brexit – and beyond

digital tools in government

Crash Course

Digital tools are reinventing government services

Public sector CIOs are using them to shred bureaucratic red tape and streamline the citizen experience


5 ways to consumerize digital government

Government services should be as easy to use as Netflix. Why aren’t they?


AI for the people

How artificial intelligence can help government deliver better, more responsive services