Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss

Leaders say talent acquisition and development is a primary barrier to improving business agility.


Talent acquisition a barrier to boosting business agility, CHROs say

One year into the pandemic, talent tops executives’ concerns, but CHROs have asserted limited responsibility
ESG initiatives are now a business imperative to help drive corporate sustainability.


ESG is now a business imperative

Increasingly, companies can’t do well unless they do measurable good


Focus on talent to drive business resilience

CHRO's are driving digital transformation on enterprise-wide platforms to create amazing employee experiences


The new CHRO agenda

How talent leaders are driving digital initiatives


Why CHROs are earliest adopters of digital platforms

HR chiefs are leading the charge, but need to align on priorities with their C-suite peers


How to keep up morale while keeping your distance

Tech talent leaders weigh in on how to keep employees engaged amid the stress of the pandemic


How to recruit for diversity

Building digital skills at historically black colleges and universities is a win-win for graduates and employers
remote work covid-19


How remote work can bring us together

Even at a distance, colleagues can always learn more about one another
benefits of an elearning training and development program


Why it’s a good time to double down on e-learning

A conversation with online learning executive Leah Belsky
Erica Volini future workforce


Why CHROs need to seize this moment

A conversation with Deloitte global human capital leader Erica Volini
digital training


Digital skills get a jump start

The pandemic is intensifying demand for key digital skills


How to reopen workplaces safely

A CHRO’s view