Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss

Key investments during the pandemic drove financial services companies to rank 2nd in agility.


Financial services companies have become leaders in agility

The sector should see major payoffs from investments since the pandemic
Executives should prioritize agile leadership strategies to drive greater business growth.


Why agile leadership should be your top priority

Getting to ‘yes’ faster is good. Getting to it smarter through agility is the difference-maker.


The role of a modern CIO

IT chiefs are expected to be more than technologists


Kaizen 2.0

Rethinking a core Japanese business concept for the digital age

Editor's Letter

Welcome to The Platform Issue

Behind every great experience is a great workflow—and great workflows run on digital platforms


Workflow is the big idea

CEO McDermott on improving workplace experiences, decision making, and customer outcomes


Most CEOs are slow to digitize. Here’s why they need to act now.

CEOs undervalue digital platforms compared to their C-level peers. Closing that gap is critical to business resilience.


How to reopen government offices safely

Millions of federal workers are returning to the office. Here’s what agency leaders need to do to protect them.


How CEOs view innovation

Advice from the CEO of Crown Agents Bank


I’m a CFO. Here’s how to sell me on digital transformation.



How to win the innovation game

Enterprise leaders weigh in on the key intangibles of digital transformation
remote work covid-19


How remote work can bring us together

Even at a distance, colleagues can always learn more about one another