Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss

Applying the principles of consumer app design to enterprise software creates modern experiences.


Employees need race cars, not stagecoaches

If we want modern app experiences at work, we need a fresh approach to building them


I’m a CFO. Here’s how to sell me on digital transformation.



What 5G promises for the enterprise

A conversation with Peters Suh


Digital government gets real

COVID-19 may be the spark that ignites digital transformation in the public sector


How information transparency can improve healthcare

Stanford Health Care achieved better health outcomes by making data available to patients
Mobile enterprise Workflow guide

Crash Course

How to build a mobile-first enterprise

Mobile technologies and digital workflows let people work the way they want
gen z in the workplace


What tools will shape the Gen Z employee experience?

How employers can align the right technologies with the youngest workers
connected enterprise


How to build a connected enterprise

As we become more connected to the machine world, we can make the world of work, work better for people
mobile enterprise apps


Meet your employees where they are

If you want to attract top talent, deliver consumer-grade mobile experiences at work
enterprise mobile apps


Employee experience 2.0

Why every enterprise needs to be mobile-first
what employees want


What your team wants

How companies can close the yawning gap between employee expectations and work experiences
smart hospitals


Digitizing the patient experience

From voice assistants to digital workflows, emerging tech is transforming hospital care