Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss

Ai use cases

Crash Course

Putting AI to work in the enterprise

Strategies for achieving business results with machine intelligence
corporate finance AI


Corporate finance automation streamlines accounting

Companies are using emerging tech to automate mundane accounting processes
cyber crime prevention

Flow State

The once and future CIO

How modern IT leaders are creating the future of business
CIO and CFO partner for success


5 ways CIOs and CFOs can partner for success

Winning over your finance chief is a key essential of digital transformation projects
business process mining


Process mining 101

Want to analyze and troubleshoot core business processes? There’s an app for that
impact of digital revolution on society

Flow State

Solving the productivity paradox

The digital revolution was supposed to drive prosperity by making us all more productive. What happened?
workplace automation


Productivity depends on people

Automating routine tasks yields happier, more productive employees
IT and HR


IT and HR: better together

To assess how well a CIO is performing, look at their relationship with the CHRO
future of IT predictions


Bold predictions for the future of IT

New technologies have set the stage for IT to morph into a people-centric function
software asset management


Weaponizing SAM

In the cloud era, software asset management can help solve a range of complex business problems
cybersecurity strategy metrics


How do you benchmark security?

Cybersecurity leaders urgently need standardized metrics to manage business risk
intelligent automation


Intelligent automation can’t fix a bad process

A conversation with business strategy expert Sam Ransbotham