Los Angeles CIO Ted Ross on the power of people-centered tech

How the pandemic helped city leaders in America’s second-largest metro raise their digital IQ
hybrid work

Crash Course

Strategies for the transition to hybrid work

Expert guidance on balancing priorities in the new world of work
Learn how to start investing in low code development tools and strategies for your company.

Crash Course

Low-code development: How (and why) to get started

Strategies for putting low code to work in your organization

Hybrid work: The new normal

Ideas and resources for managing the new world of work

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Learn what higher education institutions can do to improve remote learning for students.


Remote learning needs a better ‘customer experience’

The pivot to virtual instruction hasn’t worked for all students. Here’s what higher education institutions can do to improve.

Workflow Quarterly

The Total Experience Issue

How digital workflows empower customers and employees
CEOs are now prioritizing resilience and risk management strategies


CEOs prioritizing ESG and supply chain risks

Pandemic year teaches CEOs the need for greater resilience in the face of unexpected threats
Since COVID-19, one of COOs main jobs has become risk managers.


COOs are now front-line risk managers

Their top priorities include resilience planning and ESG risk mitigation
Sapna Jain


Why AT&T is betting on digital simplicity

Untangling customer workflows is key to digital strategy, says global operations leader Sapna Jain
To securely digitize, companies must rethink their siloed response to cybersecurity risk.


Digital transformation increases vulnerability to cyberattack

To securely digitize, companies must rethink their siloed response to cybersecurity risk
Focusing on digitization of business processes can promote diversity & inclusion in the workplace.


How digitization can foster an inclusive workplace

Focusing on digital employee experience can promote diversity and inclusion, new research shows
Grit, a combo of passion & perseverance, is a key trait of successful business leaders.


You say resilience. She says grit.

Author Angela Duckworth explains a key quality of successful business leaders
Cybersecurity leaders offer advice on coping with the rise of costly ransomware attacks in 2021.


How to reduce ransomware risk

Cybersecurity leaders’ advice on preventing, or managing, attacks
Xerox embraces workforce development with augmented reality.


Facing a challenge, Xerox embraces augmented reality

As its most experienced field techs retire, the company is training the next generation
Using digital workflows & advanced analytics to predict demand could help prevent chip shortages.


How to reduce the global chip shortage

Using advanced analytics to predict future demand could help insulate manufacturers from market disruptions
Telecoms need to design and execute digital technology to be centralized to reach growth goals.


Why telecoms need to centralize digital ops

A conversation with Accenture’s Peters Suh


Can digital technology help build empathy?

Sociologist Sherry Turkle on how returning to the office is an opportunity to do things differently, and create more human connections
Creating digital twins for your workforce can help improve employee satisfaction and well-being.


The case for creating an employee “digital twin”

Now is the time to advance technologies that boost workforce satisfaction and well-being