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Why CHROs are earliest adopters of digital platforms

HR chiefs are leading the charge, but need to align on priorities with their C-suite peers

Where CEOs should invest their tech dollars

Digital platform leaders show CEOs how big bets will yield huge payoffs

To make better decisions, CEOs need better digital platforms

Most senior execs already benefit from data-based decision-making. CEOs need to catch up.

Most CEOs are slow to digitize. Here’s why they need to act now.

CEOs undervalue digital platforms compared to their C-level peers. Closing that gap is critical to business resilience.


How to recruit for diversity

Building digital skills at historically black colleges and universities is a win-win for graduates and employers
digital training


Digital skills get a jump start

The pandemic is intensifying demand for key digital skills
managing a remote IT team


Managing a remote team while staying Agile

Hot tips for DevOps leaders
unconscious bias


Can VR reduce workplace bias?

New VR platforms are designed to help employees understand bias firsthand


Chatbots with a human touch

In financial services, smarter and more personalized bots are winning over tough customers
finance analytics


Moving into the future of compliance

Financial services companies are increasingly using AI to predict and manage risk
agile HR


HR gets Agile

How CHROs are adapting a software development framework to upgrade employee experiences
reverse mentoring


Teaching up

Reverse mentoring is a great way to spread digital skills across the enterprise
activity based workspace layout


Rethink your workspace

New office configurations provide ideal physical settings for the digital enterprise
internal influencers


How to identify your company’s secret influencers

Organizational network analysis can spotlight MVPs
corporate finance AI


Corporate finance automation streamlines accounting

Companies are using emerging tech to automate mundane accounting processes
HR skills


HR skills get a makeover

To help organizations reskill for the future, HR teams need to start with themselves
agile transformation


5 ways to rock an agile transformation

The industry standard for software development has a lot to offer teams across the enterprise
self service analytics


Goodbye data silos, hello ‘self-service’ analytics

Business silos have kept data guarded for years, but new tools are allowing everyone across the enterprise to extract more value
fraud detection AI


Using AI to fight fraud

Virgin Trains is showing other businesses how machine learning algorithms can beat scammers
virtual prototyping technology


How digital twins are changing work

Virtual prototyping technology isn’t just improving how machines perform—it’s changing how human workers innovate, collaborate and make decisions
intelligent automation


Intelligent automation can’t fix a bad process

A conversation with business strategy expert Sam Ransbotham
NLP chatbots


Thanks to NLP, chatbots get chatty

Better natural language processing allows chatbots to converse in a more “human” manner. That's good for business
The key skills for HR leaders


The 4 essential CHRO skills

Business is changing. HR leaders need to change with it
AI in insurance improving customer satisfaction


AI in insurance reinvents the claims process

AI tools are reinventing insurance claims workflows
Workforce trends 2019


Workplace predictions for the New Year

Workplace predictions for the New Year
improving employee engagement


Building a better workplace

An interview with HR tech guru Josh Bersin
Digital badges


Show me your badges

Corporate badge programs are helping companies fill skill gaps
Digital upskilling and re-skilling


Train to win

Employee learning, digital upskilling and re-skilling programs offer companies a new competitive edge
History of the office technology


A brief history of the office

Tech has long changed how people work. Here’s a look back at key moments, and a glimpse at the AI-powered workplace.