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7-Eleven exceeds customer expectations amidst pandemic

7-Eleven was classified as an “essential business” when COVID-19 struck, but it still had to answer a lot of questions before its customers felt safe enough to shop again.

The global chain was able to weather the storm better than many competitors because it digitized key workflows on an enterprise-wide platform before the pandemic.

“We gave our customers what they needed in the time of COVID,” says Jerry Campbell, senior customer experience manager for 7-Eleven. “[Our customers knew] employees had the proper PPE to operate, [and] we accelerated some digital products, like touchless payment and contactless delivery.”

Identify the challenge

Before it adopted a platform solution, like many other companies, all customer communications arrived at the same collection point and were addressed on a first-come-first-served basis. Given its 68,000 locations, across multiple time zones, this approach wasn’t working.

7-Eleven met this challenge by transitioning to ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management solution, which analyzes, categorizes and prioritizes inbound queries before they reach a human agent. Urgent questions and time-sensitive inquiries are flagged for immediate attention by a human support representative. FAQs and fan mail for the latest Slurpee flavors receive automated responses.

Soon enough, 7-Eleven was successfully fielding 1,000 customer service queries every day via email, phone and app.

Since implementing a smart workflow and CSM, 7-Eleven has seen dramatic improvements in processing times and customer satisfaction, too.

Integrate as you digitize

In addition, customer insights collected from the Customer Service Management solution inform decision-making elsewhere in the organization.

“We can go to our partners in other departments and say, ‘Hey, this promotion isn’t performing very well’ or ‘Hey, this product needs to be switched out,’” Campbell says.

As more insights are gained through automation, 7-Eleven employees will be able to achieve greater business value.