Welcome to The Platform Issue

Behind every great experience is a great workflow—and great workflows run on digital platforms

Welcome to the Platform Issue of Workflow Quarterly from ServiceNow.

We can all agree, 2020 has brought unimaginable change to the world. Though meetings may currently be virtual, it has provided CEOs around the world the unique opportunity to defy time and space. These leaders all share the same goals today: to double down on speed, value, and the need to deliver beautiful experiences for their customers and employees.

Now more than ever, those experiences matter.

Behind every one of those great experiences, is a great workflow. And great workflows run on digital platforms.

In fact, according to two out of every three C-level executives we surveyed, an enterprise-wide digital platform is important to the future of their organization. The flexibility of the cloud paired with integration and automation enables their business to be proactive and move faster. Technology is no longer supporting the business; it is the business.

The 20th-century IT architectures are not suitable for today’s everchanging environments and leave companies unprotected to sudden disruptions. COVID-19 has simply highlighted the existing weaknesses in global value chains. While it’s important for leaders to keep their hands on short-term challenges, they also need to keep their eyes on the future. Global pandemics, climate swings, and trade wars are all part of the new normal – and they will continue to test the resiliency of our organizations.

To that end, companies are increasingly relying on the partnership between people and technology to deliver an agile response to real-time market conditions. The result is nothing less than a workflow revolution – the clearest manifestation of digital transformation.

As the “platform of platforms” for more than 80% of the Fortune 500, ServiceNow is proud to be powering this revolution. The ServiceNow advantage is the power of one. We enable data to flow seamlessly across applications and existing systems while also being quick to react to the external market. Disney+, as an example, was able to quickly implement the Now Platform to support its customer requests by using our Customer Service Management. Within just 5 months, they reached 50 million subscribers.

If you’re wondering whether your business is built for agility and resilience, Workflow Quarterly and the new C-Suite Center are packed with insights to find out.

Workflows are versatile—they can help leaders solve the challenges of our new normal and help organizations build digital resiliency. Workflows are the defining business innovation of our time.

As we say here at ServiceNow…Let’s workflow it!

Bill McDermott is the president and CEO of ServiceNow, publisher of Workflow Quarterly. He guest edited The Platform Issue.