Business agility: Is your organization poised to pivot?

Rank your plans and progress against 200 other C-suite executives

Rank your business agility against 200 other C-suite executives with this self-assessment.

Most organizations have had to pivot quickly to maintain or generate new value during the COVID-19 pandemic. To understand how business leaders have done this, ESI ThoughtLab surveyed 200 CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CHROs, and CCOs from multiple industries around the world.

The survey explored how organizations improved their business agility to cope with the crisis, the investments that yielded the best outcomes, and the responsibilities that executives have taken on. Take the assessment to find out how your organization compares.


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How agile are the following areas of your business today?

Data management and security
IT platforms
Risk management
Customer experience and service
Digitization strategies
Employee experience and service

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How all organizations rank

Beginner organizations have work to do. The pandemic exposed the challenges that companies face in becoming more agile—a lack of leadership vision, insufficient technology investments, uncertain ROI, and a fear of high costs—but as leader-level organizations prove, investments in agility pay dividends. Don’t give up. Establish a plan to meet customers’ and employees’ changed expectations—and to protect your organization from the next crisis.

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Intermediate organizations made strides during the pandemic to become more agile, but there’s more work to do. Early during the global health crisis, organizations were most agile in functions and processes related to IT, customer service, and communications. But as organizations were forced to adapt to new ways of working and interacting with customers, many made strides to become more agile in data management, risk management, and finance. Intermediates face challenges, including establishing a leadership vision for agility and acquiring the right mix of skills and talent, but they shouldn’t be discouraged.

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How all organizations rank

Leader organizations were able to react quickly during the pandemic. These organizations focused investments to support remote working, streamline hiring and onboarding processes, and to improve communication with employees and customers. And they expect to see the value of those investments continue to pay off during the next two years. But there are areas where leader organizations could do even more, such as developing and acquiring talent and making data accessible across the organization.

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