CIOs and CHROs can partner to elevate digitized workplace

CIOs are reinventing employee experiences with the CHRO, and finding new ways to drive and measure value

ServiceNow’s CIO Chris Bedi and Chief Talent Officer Pat Wadors discuss.

Video Transcript:

Chris Bedi: I think IT and HR really have to come together and I know you and I partner a lot.

Pat Wadors: One of my best belonging moments in this company and with you was when we did the whiteboard on the employee training map.

Chris Bedi: That was great. We were talking about employee experience and then, I don’t know how, we just started to draw. And first it was, these were your words, not mine, we need to codify an employee journey. Because I said, “Well, what’s the tech involved at each step?” We had it all done and I was feeling pretty good about it and you said, “Well, we’re missing something.”

Pat Wadors: I wanted to make sure that we didn’t forget the employee. What is it that we want our employees to feel at those moments that matter?

Chris Bedi: In our chat bot, if you go there on your work anniversary, the first thing that happens is confetti comes down. It makes the digital experience start to feel very human.

Pat Wadors: The human and technology creates this lift. HR and IT are better together, because, one, we care about servicing the employees. Two, we’re business focused, and three, everything that we do touches every employee every day that they’re here and we might as well make it worth it. Having an experience that’s threaded through, that’s intentionally designed, is a differentiator today.

Chris Bedi: For a lot of the moments that matter, it lives in white space. Manual processes today.

Pat Wadors: Email.

Chris Bedi: Right? And that-

Pat Wadors: Spreadsheets.

Chris Bedi: Yeah. The key is figuring out a way to build that horizontal fabric so that the employee doesn’t feel the complexity. They just touch that unified portal, unified chat bot, and underneath it all, you have all the digital workflows.

Pat Wadors: What you’ve influenced me to think about is productivity and service level agreements and the cost of the architecture and predictable data and the insights so I remove waste. And really create amazing moments that attract the talent, and improves our talent brand.

I can onboard you and have you productive quicker. So think about revenue. Think about a sales rep on the ground. If I can take you from a six-week cycle down to a three-week cycle of acts, that’s real value to the business.

Chris Bedi: That’s big dollars.

Pat Wadors: And I also count smiles.

Chris Bedi: Yes. IT leaders are going to approach this from a certain angle. What’s the architecture? What’s the end-to-end flow? What’s the data integration? What are the analytics I need to get out of it? And sometimes what gets lost in that are what you start with, which is we’re trying to drive engagement. We’re trying to drive retention, we’re trying to attract talent, and we need to mush those two things together. And what comes out hopefully is the power of our combined thinking. Sort of a one plus one equals three.

Pat Wadors: I love that.