Does your employee experience support revenue goals?

Every organization has an experience—but few are optimized to deliver real business results. Take this self-assessment to learn how you rank against peers.

The highest performing organizations in a survey of 600 C-level executives have invested more than peers in digitizing the employee experience.

These employers have streamlined the onboarding process, made it easy for workers to access the information they need day-to-day, and utilize technology to enable collaboration. As a result, these organizations are also more resilient in the COVID-19 environment.

There are four levels of employee experience adoption, based on the data: beginner, intermediate, leader, and super-leader. There are few organizations in the top group. What they have in common is a plan and investment to support employees. For example, they invest in cloud-based platforms and project management tools, along with RPA technology to automate repetitive tasks.

With almost half of companies reporting that they spend less than $500,000 a year on employee experience technology, there is a significant opportunity to become an employer of choice–and one that better connects the work experience with business outcomes. Answer the below question to learn where your organization stands.