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Employee and customer experiences are two sides of one coin

Enterprise technology exists to generate value for customers and employees. As IT leaders, our job is to deliver employee experiences that liberate staff from the mundane, so they can focus on innovation that helps customers and gives our companies a competitive edge.

At the National Basketball Association, where I serve as chief technology officer, we’ve never had a more tech-savvy, connected and mobile workforce. A big part of my job is providing communication and collaboration tools that match the convenience and usability of their favorite consumer apps.

Our fans are equally tech-savvy, connected and mobile. Today they consume NBA games and programming in 47 languages across 215 countries and territories worldwide. For those fans who can’t make it to an NBA game in a physical arena, we’ve created digital experiences that allow them to experience the NBA on any device, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

All these innovations were made possible by the passion and ingenuity of our employees. We run our business on digital platforms that make it easy for them to ideate, communicate and get work done—wherever, whenever, on any device. For the NBA, employee and customer experiences are two sides of the same coin.

That’s also the main takeaway from the Experience Issue of Workflow Quarterly. Based on worldwide reporting and a survey of 600 C-level executives in 12 countries, the Experience Issue shows how companies are digitizing and automating their enterprise platforms, employee work processes, and customer experiences to drive business success. The goal is to help organizations develop a roadmap to excellence in their enterprise platforms and workflows, validated by statistical and executive insights.

A key finding of the research is that digital employee experiences are a key ingredient of corporate success. Digital experiences do more than improve employee productivity and engagement. They drive performance across the business, improving customer retention, market positioning, and top-line growth. Leaders in digital employee experience see bigger benefits in more areas than other firms, particularly in revenue growth and productivity, but also in increased employee engagement, faster issue resolution, and higher profitability.

Bottom line: If you deliver great digital experiences for your employees, you are more likely to delight customers and (bonus!) frustrate competitors. That’s true in professional basketball and every other industry.