Support can excel under difficult conditions in a culture that fosters great employee experiences.

The undeniable impact of employee experience on customer experience

Understanding EX’s impact on CX can help support organizations thrive

The Total Experience Issue

How digital workflows empower customers and employees


Business agility: Is your organization poised to pivot?

Rank your plans and progress against 200 other C-suite executives

Realize value


Study: Chief customer officers value experience management

However, they must overcome some key challenges to fully realize the benefits of digital CX and EX
Digital workflows are enabling more connections between customer and employee experience, creating experience management.

The case for merging customer and employee experience

Treating CX and EX as a unified discipline offers advantages to companies who excel at both
Possible wrinkle: Three of these cover related topic (racism/divsity in workplace). Might try to do it as one piece but more substantial and tie together the different talks.

CCOs optimistic about growing business agility

But business leaders worry whether customers will remain a focus as C-suite looks to boost business agility


Want great digital experiences? Start with design thinking and low code.

Human-centered design and low-code app development can benefit both employees and customers
Over the next few years, CCOs must branch out beyond customer care to drive business agility.

CCOs’ focus on customer care improved agility

Going forward they plan to apply customer insights across the enterprise
future of work

How to make WFH work for everyone

A conversation on the future of work with Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom


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Competitive intelligence

What are the biggest obstacles in digitizing employee experience?

Enterprise leaders identify major challenges—and how to overcome them

Merging EX and CX can drive growth

5 strategies to build an experience-driven organization
Large organizations were able to improve business agility to successfully pivot during COVID.

Large organizations are more agile than you think

Breaking dogma, $5B+ companies proved more adept at pivoting businesses

Art of the possible

AI for customers

Machine intelligence is shifting customer service from reactive to proactive
Businesses investing heavily in AI and automation show positive results in job and sales growth.

Return on AI

Companies that invest heavily in AI and automation are seeding job and market growth
Learn how c-suite executives are successfully scaling agile frameworks and business agility during COVID.

Business agility rose during the pandemic

Data-based tips for CxOs to improve agility across people, process, and technology