Most CEOs are slow to digitize. Here’s why they need to act now.

CEOs undervalue digital platforms compared to their C-level peers. Closing that gap is critical to business resilience.

Editor's Letter

Welcome to The Platform Issue

Behind every great experience is a great workflow—and great workflows run on digital platforms


Is your business built resilient?

Take the quiz to learn if your organization is ready for what's ahead


Where CEOs should invest their tech dollars

Digital platform leaders show CEOs how big bets will yield huge payoffs

To make better decisions, CEOs need better digital platforms

Most senior execs already benefit from data-based decision-making. CEOs need to catch up.


Workflow is the big idea

CEO McDermott on improving workplace experiences, decision making, and customer outcomes

White Paper

CEO insights: Is your business built resilient?

Digital platforms drive growth

How do 600 different organizations adopt a digital enterprise platform?

CEOs, CIOs, and CHROs report on their priorities and paths to digitization and integration

Realize value

Digital leaders outperform in the COVID-19 era

ServiceNow user data shows the business value of digital transformation
visualize company transformation

How to visualize digital transformation

A framework for aligning tech investments to business goals
impact of digital revolution on society

Employees are customers, too

Leaders, take note: Employee experiences drive business results
Team based management in the age of AI

Your org chart needs a rethink

Why many companies are ditching traditional hierarchies for team-based management

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Competitive intelligence

What good looks like

How Deloitte uses the Now Platform to serve clients worldwide

How Buckinghamshire Council supports vulnerable citizens

A new local authority is using digital workflows to help manage the pandemic

Return to workplace blueprint

ServiceNow shares its 6-step plan for how it will reopen offices


Return to the workplace

Ideas and resources to help get your business running again

Art of the possible

The next normal for CEOs

Now is the time for operational workflows

How low-code apps can help address racial and economic inequality

It’s time to change the STEM conversation for a more equitable world