Why CHROs are earliest adopters of digital platforms

HR chiefs are leading the charge, but need to align on priorities with their C-suite peers

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Welcome to The Platform Issue

Behind every great experience is a great workflow—and great workflows run on digital platforms


Is your business built resilient?

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Focus on talent to drive business resilience

CHRO's are driving digital transformation on enterprise-wide platforms to create amazing employee experiences

Low-code apps hold big promise for CHROs, but they need to plan carefully

As more employees start to become citizen developers, CHROs need to set up the right internal protocols for effective rollouts

White Paper

CHRO insights: Is your business built resilient?

Digital platforms drive growth

How to keep up morale while keeping your distance

Tech talent leaders weigh in on how to keep employees engaged amid the stress of the pandemic

The new CHRO agenda

How talent leaders are driving digital initiatives

How do 600 different organizations adopt a digital enterprise platform?

CEOs, CIOs, and CHROs report on their priorities and paths to digitization and integration

Realize value

internal influencers

How to identify your company’s secret influencers

Organizational network analysis can spotlight MVPs
Importance of corporate culture

Does your culture click?

Corporate culture can be a critical benchmark of success
Digital upskilling and re-skilling

Train to win

Employee learning, digital upskilling and re-skilling programs offer companies a new competitive edge

Digital leaders outperform in the COVID-19 era

ServiceNow user data shows the business value of digital transformation

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Competitive intelligence

What good looks like

Improving HR services on a platform at LEO Pharma


Personalize patient experiences

Ideas and resources to help reinvent healthcare delivery


Return to workplace blueprint

ServiceNow shares its 6-step plan for how it will reopen offices

What good looks like

To make the most out of the platform, focus on people first

Art of the possible

How low-code apps can help address racial and economic inequality

It’s time to change the STEM conversation for a more equitable world
what employees want

What your team wants

How companies can close the yawning gap between employee expectations and work experiences