Learn how c-suite executives are successfully scaling agile frameworks and business agility during COVID.

Business agility rose during the pandemic

Data-based tips for CxOs to improve agility across people, process, and technology


Business agility: Is your organization poised to pivot?

Rank your plans and progress against 200 other C-suite executives

Realize value

CHRO's investing in digital platforms see a boost in satisfaction, communication, and business growth.


Agile digital platforms boost employee engagement, CHROs say

Technology that integrates workflows and people will boost growth, talent execs believe

Digital leaders outperform in the COVID-19 era

ServiceNow user data shows the business value of digital transformation

New employee wellness rules for CHROs

A conversation with Deloitte’s Kraig Eaton
future of work

How to make WFH work for everyone

A conversation on the future of work with Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom

The new CHRO agenda

How talent leaders are driving digital initiatives

Making work, work better for everyone

Digital workflows can deliver reduced stress, greater flexibility, increased confidence and pride in work for employees

How employees feel when workflows are digitized

Watch interviews with workers from two very different organizations, and what happened when automation changed their jobs

5 principles for business leaders to realize value

The pandemic has forced companies to work differently. Here are 5 ways leaders can extend those innovations to create a new work paradigm.

Merging EX and CX can drive growth

5 strategies to build an experience-driven organization

The Work Survey

ServiceNow's global survey of C-Suite leaders and employees reveals new ways of working that will last beyond COVID-19


Are you an innovation leader?

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Does your employee experience support revenue goals?

Every organization has an experience—but few are optimized to deliver real business results. Take this self-assessment to learn how you rank against peers.

Competitive intelligence

This guide walks CHROs through the 5 essential metrics needed to drive business agility.

How can a CHRO drive business agility?

Follow these five essential metrics for success in navigating today’s choppy waters
Does AI and process automation truly pose a threat to job growth?

Automation and the ‘winner take most’ effect

A conversation with author and researcher Erik Brynjolfsson

What are the biggest obstacles in digitizing employee experience?

Enterprise leaders identify major challenges—and how to overcome them

Employee engagement dropping? Invest in a better experience

As workers juggle expanding responsibilities amid COVID, employers build a support network

Art of the possible

empathy in business

How to build empathy in business

Empathy shouldn’t be a situational response that companies trot out during crises
Large organizations were able to improve business agility to successfully pivot during COVID.

Large organizations are more agile than you think

Breaking dogma, $5B+ companies proved more adept at pivoting businesses
employee experience design

Mastering the art of employee experience design

As companies rely more on dispersed teams, they need to design ever-better digital employee experiences
employee service delivery

Why employee service delivery matters

Platforms that streamline employee services can boost productivity and deliver better experiences at work

Six steps to ease process and workflow automation

What a group of ethnographers learned studying workplaces, and the challenges of digital transformation 

Above board: Securing boardroom approval during COVID-19

Have a simple plan for resilient employee and customer experiences to secure board approval

How do you create the best customer and employee experiences? 

Robert Half’s CDO on using artificial intelligence to build empathy