Where CIOs are targeting investments to build an enduring enterprise

Leaders make smart bets by digitizing critical workflows

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Welcome to The Platform Issue

Behind every great experience is a great workflow—and great workflows run on digital platforms


Is your business built resilient?

Take the quiz to learn if your organization is ready for what's ahead


Key to CIO success in the pandemic era: Adopt a single digital platform

Digital enterprisewide platforms offer a range of benefits, including resilience to handle crises. Here’s how digital leaders are getting started.

How CIOs can win over skeptical CEOs

Selling chief execs on digital platforms requires CIOs to focus on outcomes—and seek help from their C-suite peers

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CIO insights: Is your business built resilient?

Digital platforms drive growth

How do 600 different organizations adopt a digital enterprise platform?

CEOs, CIOs, and CHROs report on their priorities and paths to digitization and integration


CIOs and CHROs can partner to elevate digitized workplace

CIOs are reinventing employee experiences with the CHRO, and finding new ways to drive and measure value

Realize value

Digital leaders outperform in the COVID-19 era

ServiceNow user data shows the business value of digital transformation
digital transformation strategy

How digital are you?

Successful digital transformation strategies start with an evaluation process that targets your pain points
CIO and CFO partner for success

5 ways CIOs and CFOs can partner for success

Winning over your finance chief is a key essential of digital transformation projects

The CIO’s visual guide for advancing and tracking digitization

ServiceNow’s approach to implementing workflow digitization across functions

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Competitive intelligence


What good looks like

7-Eleven exceeds customer expectations amidst pandemic

CIO Roundtable

Building systems for resilience is job one

What good looks like

Analytics can be turned into action with digital workflows

CIOs: Empower new developers fast to address COVID-19 challenges

Low-code apps are a win-win for compliance and agility

Return to workplace blueprint

ServiceNow shares its 6-step plan for how it will reopen offices

Art of the possible

How to build resilience through smart data strategy

It didn’t happen overnight, but Philadelphia CIO Mark Wheeler built a digital transformation model others can follow

Disrupting your own developers

How digital platforms allow companies to respond quickly to crises