Citizen developers can help drive innovation and productivity by creating low-code platforms.

Democratizing code

Low-code tools empower citizen developers and enable innovation at scale

Workflow Quarterly

The Total Experience Issue

How digital workflows empower customers and employees


Business agility: Is your organization poised to pivot?

Rank your plans and progress against 200 other C-suite executives

Realize value

Digital workflows are enabling more connections between customer and employee experience, creating experience management.

The case for merging customer and employee experience

Treating CX and EX as a unified discipline offers advantages to companies who excel at both

More workflows result in more customers and happier employees

CIOs are focusing less on tech, and more on teamwork

Under stress, employees must be at the center of the strategy

Digital leaders outperform in the COVID-19 era

ServiceNow user data shows the business value of digital transformation
future of work

How to make WFH work for everyone

A conversation on the future of work with Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom
CIO’s believe their digital innovation initiatives boosted business agility, but peers do not agree.


Did CIOs’ digital innovations boost business agility?

CIOs plan to increase investment in digital platforms, integration, risk management

CIOs and the post-pandemic employee experience

Digitizing employee experiences is key, but so is earning executive-peer buy in, a new survey shows


CIOs must innovate the employee experience

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Are you an innovation leader?

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Competitive intelligence

Employee engagement dropping? Invest in a better experience

As workers juggle expanding responsibilities amid COVID, employers build a support network

How ServiceNow improved its employee experience

Three steps to creating a digital, personalized, and omni-channel experience

Where digital experience dollars see the best ROI

CIOs can make big strides for employees, and with top-line growth, by investing more in key technologies
Large organizations were able to improve business agility to successfully pivot during COVID.

Large organizations are more agile than you think

Breaking dogma, $5B+ companies proved more adept at pivoting businesses
CIOs need to drive digitalization to put agility at the center of their business.

Digitalization is the key to enterprise agility

CIOs have a golden opportunity. Will they take it?

The role of a modern CIO

IT chiefs are expected to be more than technologists

Art of the possible

What are the biggest obstacles in digitizing employee experience?

Enterprise leaders identify major challenges—and how to overcome them

How do you create the best customer and employee experiences? 

Robert Half’s CDO on using artificial intelligence to build empathy
employee service delivery

Why employee service delivery matters

Platforms that streamline employee services can boost productivity and deliver better experiences at work
Businesses investing heavily in AI and automation show positive results in job and sales growth.

Return on AI

Companies that invest heavily in AI and automation are seeding job and market growth

How do you create the best customer and employee experiences? 

Robert Half’s CDO on using artificial intelligence to build empathy

How CIOs advance workflow digitization

A guide to crafting a digital strategy that will make work better