Can new machine learning model GPT-3 change AI for business?

A powerful new NLP tool is opening up language-based AI applications for the enterprise
GPT-3, the powerful new NLP model, shows promise to enhance language automation for enterprises.
5g benefits


How telecoms can reap 5G benefits

A conversation with Accenture innovation expert T.J. Schneider
Developing better digital government services should be a top priority in the public sector.


Making digital government services a priority

Public agencies should focus on consistently delivering people-centered services on demand
Learn how NHS Scotland is using digital technology to vaccinate 5.5M residents in record time.


The race to vaccinate a nation with Deryck Mitchelson

Learn how NHS National Services Scotland is using digital workflows to vaccinate 5.5 million residents in record time
Telecom companies continue to lead in business agility over several sectors through new advances.


Telecom companies become even more agile

Agile leaders before the pandemic, telecoms made new advances
Learn what key steps government agencies made to improve business agility during the pandemic.


Government agencies pass the pandemic agility test

Despite obstacles, the public sector made important progress during the pandemic
Vaccine management sparked a healthcare transformation that could affect the future of healthcare.


How vaccine management is transforming healthcare—and customer service

How the vaccination race will transform CX
Learn how recent healthcare innovations will improve global healthcare logistics & delivery systems.


The COVID dividend

How pandemic-driven innovation is transforming healthcare

Editor's Letter

Entering the era of great experience


ServiceNow supporting NHS Scotland through the pandemic


Transforming telecoms: Simpler systems, smarter workflows

The pandemic has upped the ante for great CX


Three things telecoms need to do to thrive in the next five years

The need for great CX is more important than ever


How CX will change how telecoms do business

Putting the focus on customer satisfaction — not just faster network services