How to create awesome customer journeys

A conversation with customer experience expert Bruce Temkin

Chatbots get chatty

Better natural language processing allows chatbots to converse in a more “human” manner. That's good for business

Going mobile

Brands need to create a seamless customer experience across channels
Workflow website improvements
Flow State

Beginning and end

New features for our readers, farewell to an esteemed colleague

Reinventing customer service

With demanding customers increasingly at the center of business models, companies are creating new digital and mobile experiences to keep them happy
AI in insurance improving customer satisfaction

AI stakes a claim in insurance

New AI tools are reinventing claims management. The payoff includes smarter fraud detection, faster settlements, and better customer service
Government automation's impact on the citizen experience

Citizen 2.0

AI will transform the relationship between citizens and government, bringing efficiency and consumer-grade experiences to the public sector

In chatbots she trusts

An interview with Microsoft AI leader Lili Cheng
Flow State

Experience machines

A brief history of customer service automation
Selecting the right chatbot avatar

The changing faces of AI

How to build the right avatar for your corporate chatbot