Beginning and end

New features for our readers, farewell to an esteemed colleague

Workflow website improvements

You can’t step into the same river twice, observed the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. That insight applies to Workflow, whose mission is to help business leaders understand how emerging technologies are changing the world of work and creating new strategic opportunities.

It can be hard to get your head around the pace of change. Just in the past 15 years we’ve seen the rise of smartphones and social media, the Internet of Things, blockchain, machine learning, process automation and predictive analytics. Because of these technologies, we all live and work in a giant, ever-changing river of data.

In various ways, companies around the world are deploying new digital technologies to change how they operate and go to market, a trend known as digital transformation. Our job is to boil this river of change down to actionable insights that leaders can apply in their own organizations.

In aid of that mission, I’m pleased to introduce the new Workflow website, which includes several new features designed to help you navigate the wilder shores of digital transformation. Our new Learn section provides clear, practical explanations of key concepts like “digital workflows” and “workflow automation.” We’ll continue to expand Learn in coming months, adding new articles organized in an encyclopedic format.

Improvement of Workflow

We’ve also changed the navigational structure of Workflow, grouping our content in four main categories: Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, IT Transformation, and Security and Risk. And because your business never sleeps, we’re increasing our publishing cadence from twice a month to twice weekly.

One thing that won’t change: our commitment to serving you with rigorous, fact-based journalism and original research. The main Workflow site will continue to feature insights from across the tech industry, authored by independent journalists and experts from inside and outside ServiceNow, our publisher. Over at Workflow Quarterly, my colleague Riva Froymovich will continue to publish original research on business transformation, presented as an immersive, multimedia experience.

In closing, I would like to pay tribute to Workflow creative director Kathleen Phelps, a talented designer and beloved colleague who recently passed away. Over the past year, Kathleen shaped every pixel of the Workflow experience, producing a steady stream of beautiful, witty illustrations that captured the essence of every article on the site.

Kathleen left us too soon, and will be sorely missed. I dedicate the new Workflow to her memory.