Workflow Quarterly

How to design a great employee experience

Insights from the chief digital officer at a leading healthcare system
employee experience design
workplace diversity

Flow State

Belonging is good for business

Research shows that diverse, welcoming employee cultures outperform
employee engagement

Workflow Quarterly

How to win the war for talent

Great digital experiences yield happier employees
2020 Workplace Tech Predictions

Flow State

Workplace tech predictions for 2020 (and beyond)

Digital trends that will shape the future of work
agile HR

HR gets Agile

How CHROs are adapting a software development framework to upgrade employee experiences
how to close critical skills gaps

Workflow Guide

How to close critical skills gaps

Creative strategies are helping companies find talent
reverse mentoring

Teaching up

Reverse mentoring is a great way to spread digital skills across the enterprise
workplace mobile experiences

Flow State

Humans are underrated

What is the appropriate relationship between people and machines in the workplace?
Enterprise AI at scale

How to scale enterprise AI

Internal centers of excellence are emerging as the best way to go big
gen z in the workplace

What tools will shape the Gen Z employee experience?

How employers can align the right technologies with the youngest workers