Can digital technology help build empathy?

Sociologist Sherry Turkle on how returning to the office is an opportunity to do things differently, and create more human connections
Creating digital twins for your workforce can help improve employee satisfaction and well-being.


The case for creating an employee “digital twin”

Now is the time to advance technologies that boost workforce satisfaction and well-being
Deloitte CEO Dan Helfrich inclusive leadership


Deloitte CEO Dan Helfrich on striking a transformative tone

Unlocking value from bottom-up change
Support can excel under difficult conditions in a culture that fosters great employee experiences.


The undeniable impact of employee experience on customer experience

Understanding EX’s impact on CX can help support organizations thrive
ServiceNow uses and tests their own technologies within the business before releasing to customers.


Practising what we preach

ServiceNow is customer zero for the Now Platform
Citizen developers will play a vital role in driving UX and business transformation in the future.


Citizen development in the real world

With proper guidance from IT, non-coders can help drive innovation across the organisation
Digital workflows are integral to delivering great user experience and driving digital innovation.


Workflows are integral to great UX

They can deliver great customer and employee experiences, and make innovation easier to drive
The future of work is a hybrid workplace model which has key benefits to employee experience.


Tech and employee experience in the hybrid workplace

A conversation with Chris Herd of Firstbase HQ
To remain competitive today, businesses need to develop a complete user experience strategy.


How to succeed in the experience economy

Businesses that want to be successful need to view CX and EX as aspects of a complete experience strategy
hybrid work model


Preventing IT job burnout using hybrid work models

MIT professor Erin Kelly’s study of IT employees shows that a sense of control is essential to avoiding post-pandemic overload
Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall transformed the franchise’s culture by prioritizing leadership values like empathy.


The Dallas Mavericks’ CEO on game-changing leadership

By prioritizing empathy in community and employee engagement, Cynt Marshall transformed the franchise's culture
Many banks and financial institutions are racing to play catch-up on becoming digital innovators.


Banks race to become digital innovators

An urgency for digitalization is opening the door to important new products and services, says an industry analyst
Digital workflows are enabling more connections between customer and employee experience, creating experience management.


The case for merging customer and employee experience

Treating CX and EX as a unified discipline offers advantages to companies who excel at both