telecom churn


How telecoms can reduce churn and spur growth

Critical growth strategies require evolved thinking, centralized platforms, and modern cultures

Perspectives and insights

Telecom companies continue to lead in business agility over several sectors through new advances.


Telecom companies become even more agile

Agile leaders before the pandemic, telecoms made new advances


It’s time for telecoms to focus on customers

Telecoms providers need to shift strategic focus from ultra-fast networks to equally fast customer service. Digital platforms can get them there


Customer experience is the next frontier in telecom

Carriers invested heavily to upgrade network services. Now they’re building new digital experiences to keep customers happy


What 5G promises for the enterprise

A conversation with Peters Suh

Customer insights

Customer Story

Telia’s ambitious goals for assuring 5G operations

Case Study

BT launches innovative telecoms service management experience


Telecom: The smarter way to workflow

Expert resources and perspectives


Service transparency roundtable: Vodafone Italy & Accenture


The future of service assurance in telecom

Solution Brief

ServiceNow Quebec: Industry solutions strengthen operations and drive growth