Why AT&T is betting on digital simplicity

Untangling customer workflows is key to digital strategy, says global operations leader Sapna Jain
Sapna Jain


Australia needs a trust reset

Concrete steps to rebuild public confidence in business and government
Seamless service that improves patient experience is set to redefine Australian healthcare.


The future of health

Workflow solutions to public health challenges
Telecom industry winners will embrace digital platforms that deliver frictionless experiences.


Bring your digital twin to work

Emerging workplace tech will free up time by automating routine tasks
Digitisation of government services has restored trust with Australian citizens.


Tech to restore trust

The future of citizen services
Cybersecurity leaders offer advice on coping with the rise of costly ransomware attacks in 2021.


How to reduce ransomware risk

Cybersecurity leaders’ advice on preventing, or managing, attacks
Using digital workflows & advanced analytics to predict demand could help prevent chip shortages.


How to reduce the global chip shortage

Using advanced analytics to predict future demand could help insulate manufacturers from market disruptions
We must continue to apply digital innovation from COVID-19 to build a more equitable future.


Innovation creates a more equitable future

Pandemic-inspired ideas can solve some of the bigger challenges in healthcare, employee experience, and workplace diversity and inclusion
Many banks and financial institutions are racing to play catch-up on becoming digital innovators.


Banks race to become digital innovators

An urgency for digitalization is opening the door to important new products and services, says an industry analyst
Digital workflows transform healthcare systems against future pandemics and other business challenges.

Crash Course

How digital workflows transform healthcare systems

Healthcare organizations need them to better manage future health crises
Integrate a digital platform that creates a unified data model in order to tame multi-cloud chaos.


Taming multicloud chaos

No matter which cloud vendors they use, businesses need a digital platform that creates a unified data model
Industry 4.0 must focus on ecosystems and partnerships to extend greater prosperity to everyone.


Industry 4.0 embraces ‘profits with purpose’

ESI ThoughtLab CEO Lou Celi on the potential—and risks—of digital transformation
GPT-3, the powerful new NLP model, shows promise to enhance language automation for enterprises.


Can new machine learning model GPT-3 change AI for business?

A powerful new NLP tool is opening up language-based AI applications for the enterprise