Workflow Quarterly

Workflow Quarterly: The innovation issue

How can CIOs harness talent and technology to foster innovation that drives business success?

Analytics translators: The new heroes of data science

A new breed of analytics “translators” are bridging the divide between tech and business teams


CIOs should evolve, not transform

Successful digital transformations don’t end—they’re a stream of steady, continuous improvements
Ai use cases

Workflow Guide

Putting AI to work in the enterprise

Strategies for achieving business results with machine intelligence
Myles Suer technical debt


How to pay down your technical debt

A conversation with enterprise IT influencer Myles Suer
DevOps in banking

Banking on DevOps

Financial services companies are learning how to ship better code, faster
Mobile enterprise Workflow guide

Workflow Guide

How to build a mobile-first enterprise

Mobile technologies and digital workflows let people work the way they want
ServiceNow metrics inform strategy


Beware the KPI trap

Metrics should support strategy, not supplant it


Higher ed on the hot seat

A conversation with edutech expert Susan Grajek
digital transformation infographic

Workflow Quarterly

Visualizing digital transformation

ServiceNow’s Patricia Grant on designing the right process to track digitization projects