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In-demand CIOS

A top CIO recruiter shares advice on the capabilities CIOs need today
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The once and future CIO

How modern IT leaders are creating the future of business

5 ways CIOs and CFOs can partner for success

Winning over your finance chief is a key essential of digital transformation projects

Goodbye data silos, hello ‘self-service’ analytics

Business silos have kept data guarded for years, but new tools are allowing everyone across the enterprise to extract more value

How AI will change government

Partly for trust reasons, the public sector has been slow to embrace AI and machine learning. That’s about to change.

3 priorities for modern CIOs

Chief information officers are playing a more strategic role in the modern enterprise, according to new research from ServiceNow
Workflow Quarterly

The role of a modern CIO

IT chiefs are expected to be more than technologists. The hallmarks of success today are C-suite relationships, a customer mindset and workflow digitization

The neurodiversity advantage

Tech companies are learning how to tap the special talents of neurodiverse workers

Process mining 101

Want to analyze and troubleshoot core business processes? There’s an app for that
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Solving the productivity paradox

The digital revolution was supposed to drive prosperity by making us all more productive. What happened?