How to build a mobile-first enterprise

Mobile technologies and digital workflows let people work the way they want

Mobile Enterprise Workflow Guide

Mobile devices and apps have forever changed our personal lives. We’re always on, always connected, with hundreds of new services and conveniences at our beck and call.

Unfortunately, the mobile revolution has yet to arrive in our professional lives. Many workers are still wrestling with clunky enterprise software applications and processes to perform basic tasks.

“The stark divide between highly usable consumer technology and awkward enterprise software tools is becoming less and less acceptable,” says Greg Petroff, vice president of design at ServiceNow. Younger workers, he explains, “have spent little time with desktop computing, instead defaulting to mobile and tablet devices throughout their lives. The future of workplace software is not only mobile-first to them but, in many cases, mobile-only.”

In this Workflow Guide, we show how smart companies are building a mobile-first enterprise.