In a recent survey, 75% of employees reported feeling burnout due to the pandemic. Top reasons: work-life balance, crushing workloads & job security anxieties.

How to keep up morale from a distance

Stress abounds, from family or home issues to anxiety and malaise. People need to feel safe, supported, and heard.

Think of the whole person

We can’t guess how employees are feeling or how they might be struggling. Listening allows us to invest in well-being where—and when—it counts. 

Find new ways to listen

Set the right tone

Recognition is a morale booster. Find ways to recognize remote employees, whether via a company shout-out or a gift delivered to their home.

 If your company's core values can't address the challenges of remote work, it’s time to refresh them—or create new values.

Tap into core values

Learn about how the pandemic is affecting employee morale: